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I’ve seen tents in a great many domed and ridged shapes over the years but I was very interested to see the Cortes Octagonal tent this summer for a very unusual shape and a number of features that got me wondering why every tent didn’t have them.

The tent is designed for sleeping up to 8, although a family of 4 or 5 would probably be more practical. The stand out features include large windows with fly screens  in every direction, a tent door with a rigid frame and the ability to be put up just as the fly screen inner tent. In other words it’s more like a room than a traditional tent and would work for a garden playroom in the summer. It’s shape means that it has standing room throughout the single room which while not traditional is sensible. Externally it is 208cm high and just under 4 metres wide at the maximum.

I’m less sure about how well the the shape and multitude of zips would stand up to very strong winds and very cold temperatures but it looks well able to handle most of the British climate. The tent  collapses to a bundle that weighs 21kg and has a wheeled bag size of 85 x 30 cm. Coleman claim it takes 15 minutes to pitch and I was able to find a Youtube video of a person doing so singly in 16.

Cortes Octogon 8

So how much is it? The tent has an RRP of £249 but with a little shopping around and I was able to find it for £199 in several places. If you need a large easy up family tent in the British climate the Coleman Cortes Octogon 8 might be it.