The roads in Cornwall are tiny, my husband was saying yet again as we drove south through Devon. It is the only thing he remembers from a childhood holiday and I laughed at him as we crossed the Tamar bridge and entered Cornwall on a dual carriage way. Little did I know. We stopped in at the Tesco in Helston and then set out with our set of instructions pre-loaded on my phone. The roads were small now and soon, they were tiny.

Lower town has about 80 houses and its library is the size of an old telephone booth – really. We found the place without difficulty and as we pulled into the allocated parking spot, Bev came out to greet us. My first impression of the log cabin was quiet with only the sound of birds and tree leaves rustling in the wind. It felt remote even though the cabin was next to the house with neighbours just across the last bit of road.

We unpacked, plugged in chargers, turned on the fan and logged onto the (slow but real connectivity) wifi. A great start.


Location, location with stepping stones river walk

The cabin is situated in Lower town nr Helston. It is at the end of a short cul-de-sac and the footpath across the River Cober nearby leads to lovely woodland walk next to the river. Helston is nearby with supermarkets and other shops conveniently situated and there are many attractions and areas to explore close by. We found it an excellent base in the south of Cornwall. 

Stylishly decorated with care

The cabin has beautiful furniture and is stylishly decorated and its beautiful interior is one of its main selling points. The exposed woodwork provides a great backdrop, we appreciated the attention to detail and furniture was conveniently placed.

Bathroom and kitchen facilities alongside cabin

The bathroom and kitchen facilities are not situated within the cabin, but a few steps away in an adjacent building. The right top image below shows our 4-year old at the cabin entrance and the white doors behind her is the kitchen (left) and bathroom (right). This was not a problem for us during our summer stay when the weather was hot, but it was less convenient on rainy nights, particularly with a 4-year old.

Cabin cornwall

Product Information

About Bev (Airbnb Host)

The Log Cabin is owned by Bev, a member of Airbnb since April 2014. “I love living in rural Cornwall and consider myself so lucky to live in a very special place, with a small river and woods , just yards from my home. I am always delighted to share this with others.” View her Airbnb profile here.

Bev was courteous, welcoming and greeted us as we pulled up to park. She showed us the facilities, was on hand for any questions and always friendly and willing to help.


£46 per night + £10 per person after the first guest up to £76 for 4 people.
Retailer: Airbnb

Cost Effective

£56 – £76 for 2 – 4 people is not a particularly high price tag in the world of overnight accommodation, but it is at the upper end of similar cabins, flats and cottages in the area. For a cabin, however lovely decorated, where I am sleeping on the couch in the lounge and the bathroom and kitchen is in a separate building, I would expect to pay less.

Included in the price

Log Cabin with pull-out couch in main room and small curtained space with sleeping for 4th guest
Single bedroom
Kitchen and bathroom in adjacent building a few steps away
Private outdoor seated area with BBQ, table and chairs
Free parking next to cabin for one vehicle
Wireless internet (speed of 3 MB / second)
Basic stocked kitchen with coffee, teas, eggs, milk, butter, jam, cereals.


Travel season: Summer
Location: Lower Town, nr Helston, Cornwall, U.K.
Booking: On-line booking through Airbnb
Check-in Time: 3 p.m.
Check-out Time: 10 a.m.
Cancellation policy: Strict


The cabin is situated in the back of the plot in a quiet location. The main door opens into the main living area with a pull-out couch, dressing table, chair and TV (without aerial, DVDs provided). A small bedroom with single bed is through a door on the right back and the right front area has a small curtained space with sleeping for a 4th guest. The kitchen and bathroom is located in an adjacent building a few metres away.


The small bedroom was excellent. The single bed had a comfortable mattress and pillow, lovely bedding and soft extra blanket and diffuse lighting. Located in the back of the cabin it was both the coolest and quietest room and the slatted blinds made the room dark when closed. A good quality, well used pull-out sofa serves as the double bed in the main room. Its soft mattress does not offer back-support, which led to some stiff stretching in the mornings, but it is adequate and the bedding was clean and comfortable.

Night times were quiet and restful with little or no sound except for some greetings and conversations as cars pulled up next to the cabin during the day and in the evenings where the owner’s teen aged kids and guests parked. The log cabin heats up quickly on hot days, but with the door and windows open a cool breeze and a large fan provided was more than adequate to create comfortable sleeping temperatures.

Recommend packing: Black-out mask or blind for anyone with light sensitivity. The slatted blinds are darker than most guest rooms, but still let in some light. A dressing gown and waterproof slip-ons to reach the external bathroom at night.

Shower and dress

There is a charming en-suite a few metres from the cabin with a homemade quality and a few quirks. The shower temperature cannot be adjusted once in the shower, it has to be adjusted with an unmarked dial situated on the other side of the wall over the toilet. We also had some hot water issues with a cold shower on the first morning of our stay. This was instantly investigated and fixed by the next morning.

Recommend packing: Towels and toilet roll are included, complementary soap or shampoo is not. Bring your own cosmetic products.


The kitchen has a sink, clothes washer and dryer (can be used for a fee), small table and stools, a mini-oven, toaster, fridge and basic utensils, cutlery, plates, bowls and mugs. The most welcome discovery was that the cooking knifes provided were sharp and of good quality.

It is stocked with the basics – coffee (instant and ground with cafetiere), teas, sugar, cereals, butter, milk, soy milk, jam, eggs and clotted cream. The fridge had 3 scones and 3 bagels and on the first morning we received a home baked loaf of fresh bread. Food is provided in shared serving dishes – the jam in a glass bowl, the butter is a block of butter in the fridge used by previous occupants, the fruit was still fine but not fresh and the scones and bagels had been placed in plastic bags in the fridge. The cupboard ingredients were opened, as was the soy milk. The fresh milk was sealed.

Recommend packing: The kitchen is well equipped, clean and tidy. Stock up on food at the local shops or supermarket. For those with food related allergies, I would recommend bringing your own basic equipment, chopping board in particular.

Paid Extras

Use of washing machine and dryer for a small fee

Technical Specifications

Connectivity: Free Wifi access at about 3 MB / second in this area. Limited mobile phone network coverage.
Electric: There are plenty of electric plugs in the cabin to plug in chargers for mobile devices and equipment.

Target audience

The cabin is a good choice for 2 – 4 guests looking for a quiet spot a step up from glamping who do not mind outdoor facilities or the the occasional spider. It is set in a secluded village location, but close to the owner’s house.


£56 security deposit (a hold put on the booking card by Airbnb)
Airbnb profile to book and approval from host

Cabin kitchen



It is accessible to anyone with a mild-moderate visual impairment, including those who experience visual symptoms, like photophobia (light sensitivity), eye strain or colour blindness. No special adaptations has been made to accommodate lower vision, but it is a standard design and should be fine for those who do not require specialist adaptions or equipment.


It is accessible to anyone with a hearing impairment, including the deaf and those who experience auditory symptoms, like tinnitus or hyperacusis (sound sensitivity). Communication, booking and sharing any requirements can be done on-line and use of the facilities does not rely on hearing. It is a relatively quiet environment, there are no annoyingly loud clunking, scratching or squeaking noises.


It is accessible to anyone with mild dexterity issues who experience symptoms that affect their hands, wrists and shoulders, like a tremor, fatigue, reduced grip or precision. No special adaptions have been made to accommodate anyone with more severe dexterity issues, but it should be fine for those with milder symptoms that do not require specialist equipment.


The facilities are standard, with standard door handles (no knobs), light switches and kitchen/bathroom facilities. The bathroom taps have round levers and the toilet a lever flush. The kitchen door requires a push then a lift to make the lock stick and the doors require a bit of pressure to open and shut. 

cabin bathroom

Movement and mobility

It is accessible to anyone with a mild mobility impairment and those who experience physical symptoms, like severe fatigue or chronic pain. There is some uneven surfaces and steps to access the cabin as well as an internal step in the bathroom. The bathroom facilities is not suitable for wheelchair users or anyone with significant mobility restrictions. The passage to the toilet is narrow with a large step and no grab rails fitted.

Motion sickness and balance disorders

It is accessible to anyone who experiences motion sickness or dizzy spells.


It is accessible to anyone with a mild-moderate cognitive impairment, including those with a learning disability like dyslexia and those who experience cognitive symptoms, like problems with memory, concentration, planning and organization.

Social Interaction

Some social interaction required and unavoidable. The cabin is situated within the owners’ premises closer to her house and the area most accessed by guests moving from the cabin to the bathroom, kitchen and outdoor space has no privacy screening to the back of her house and the house’s only entrance. The driveway and parking is shared and we were blocked in a couple of times and had to ask an occupant at the house for access.

Those with severe social anxiety may have some issues with the potential lack of privacy when leaving the cabin to go to the kitchen or bathroom. The main house windows are quite close and overlook the front of the cabin. There is complete privacy from the public, it is situated at the end of a cul-de-sac with only 3 or so houses and the only passersby are the owner and her very well behaved teenage kids, 3 cats and their guests.

There is little social interaction outside of the cabin owner and her teenage children who live in the house with the cabin situated in a quiet, rural environment.

Food allergy and sensitivities

The kitchen is used by guests to cook without restriction and with open, shared food containers, the likelihood of cross contamination is high for anyone with food related allergies. For those with a gluten sensitivity, as always, avoid using the toaster and limit cooking to dishes that can be prepared in an area that you have made safe.


Cat owner.

Trigger warnings and age ratings

None. It is a family/kid friendly environment set in a rural location.



We booked our stay at the cabin after an impromptu holiday booking that left us with a 3-night gap in the middle of our holiday. Looking for a place to sleep rather than somewhere to hang out and unwind, it was in an excellent location for our day trips to St Michael’s mount, Godolphin, a bike ride in the Penrose estate and we drove up to Lands End and St Ives for a day. It was not the cheapest self-catering cottage/cabin in the area, but it was the one available and well-positioned for sight seeing.

At a lower cost, I would highly recommend it, but at £66 per night for 2 adults and a 4-year old, it is only a cost-effective choice as a last minute booking or during high season when finding somewhere comfortable to stay can be tricky. The host was lovely, the cabin clean, neat and beautifully decorated and the location fabulous. Recommended to those not too fussy about cost or facilities looking for a quiet, comfortable place to stay in an excellent location.

This travel review is based on a personally funded 3 night weekend stay in July 2015 for 2 adults and 1 child.

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