This week sees the return of the annual CES Consumer Electronics Show to Las Vegas.  Although CES is arguably not as important an event as it used to be it is still the worlds largest electronics show and will feature hundreds or thousands of companies, events, keynotes and announcements.

The show starts its run this afternoon and kicks into full gear on Tuesday til Friday but leaks, official and otherwise have already started.  Thus far we know LG is working on a fitness band, 4k Tvs, phones  and webOS TV; Samsung will reveal curved TVs, camera and remote controls;  Sony will reveal phones and a smartwatch; Valve will reveal a list of Steambox manufacturers; Netflix will launch 4K streaming and many many more.

To keep up CES has published a list of when all the events are happening here, but it runs to over 400 items.  The normal tech sites all have teams on the ground and will be reporting any changes.  Try The Verge, Ars Technica, CNET, Engadget.


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