Lounge chair with triple monitors on mounts

Command Center: The Ultimate Lounge Chair Computer

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Lounge chair computing is a viable option for many who are unable or just tired of a traditional desk and office chair set-up. This custom set-up uses a lazy boy lounge chair with two small desktops on each side for its basis. The computing side is a desktop PC, 3 monitors, two on reticulated arms attached to each desktop, a keyboard used on lap and stored on the left armchair arm and the mouse sits on the right arm.

Lounge chair with triple monitors on mounts

It is a flexible set-up that overcomes one of the primary obstacles – finding something sturdy to attach monitor clamps to – very well and in using multi-shelf units, may always provide a solution to another headache – where should I put all my USB gaming accessories.

It is the ideal solution for anyone looking for an adjustable workstation that can, with only a few minor adjustments, work in an upright, reclined or completely reclined position, particularly if you are gaming and using a controller or keypad that is even easier to position ergonomically than a keyboard.

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