CMS Medical Cohesive Bandages

Cohesive bandages are inexpensive, reusable bandages that is self-adhesive only. It is commonly used to prevent or treat sprains, strains and other mild injuries to muscles and joints. It is well-known in veterinary circles, used on horses in particular, as it doesn’t stick to anything else, including hair.

It can also be used to keep dressings in place, as a substitute for a conventional bandage (but be aware that unless stated, they are not usually sterile even new) and as light protection for vulnerable skin, particularly knees. It is thin enough to fit inside shoes after application and the smaller diameter works wonderful for buddy taping.

It can also be used to alleviate swelling and pain in chronic musculoskeletal symptoms, like joint hypermobility syndrome or arthritis.

It is an invaluable part of our first aid kit because (i) it only sticks to itself making it great for use with young children, (ii) it is reusable and durable, (iii) it provides protection, compression and light support all in one. We use them instead of plasters and keep a sealed, sterile roll in our first aid kit.

CMS Medical is a reputable, certified manufacturer of medical supplies and their cohesive bandages are top notch quality at an affordable price.

Price: £4 (pack of 3)

Included in the box: 3 individually wrapped cohesive bandages with each roll containing 4.5m

Retailer: Amazon +:

Available in packs of 6, each 4.5m in different colours and widths: Tan (5cm),White (5cm), Blue (7.5 cm)White (7.5 cm)Tan (7.5 cm),

Also available as latex-free: Red (5cm or 7.5cm)Blue (5cm or 7.5cm).

About CMS Medical

CMS Medical is a reputable, certified manufacturer of medical supplies established in 1990. “Based in Featherstone in the heart of Yorkshire we supply some of the biggest names in the health and beauty industry along with sports teams and businesses.” Read more on their about page.


  • Target age range: All ages
  • Target gender: Unisex/ gender neutral

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Certification: ISO 13485


Cohesive bandages are highly cost-effective at under £2 per roll. They are reusable, convenient and quick to apply.


Product dimensions: 5cm x 4cm
Item Weight:
Colour: Red, Blue, Tan, White
Materials: latex (or latex-free alternative) coating fabric-based textile


CMS Medical manufacturers quality, medical grade supplies that extends to their cohesive bandage range. A roll of cohesive bandage is a must-have first aid item for everyone. It’s the duct tape of the first aid box.

Highly recommended.

The review is based on the CMS Medical 5 cm x 4.5 m Blue Cohesive Bandage – Pack of 3 purchased in April 2016. Click to read more about our eco icons and access icons used in this review. This article was first published on 5 May 2016.

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