Good design is like porn. It’s hard to quantify but we all know it when we see it. In a few weeks time the London borough of Clerkenwell will be playing host to their annual Design Week and there will be a huge amount of good design to see.

Clerkenwell design week

So there will be good design? But what of? The Clerkenwell design week is broken in to a number of areas. First there are several main halls and to quote their marketing “The Design Factory is full of fantastic furniture brands, lights..its more the production end of design scale” “The Detail takes in more luxury and decorative parts of the design world.” “a show called Platform…dedicated to up and coming designers” “Additions – spotlighting small scale products and applied graphics and accessories.”

Next there are several street design installations. Last year Studio Weave put on an exhibition celebrating the past of Clerkenwell’s material design and this year there will be several different installations.

Next there are a range of talks, discussions and debates looking at new products, design in general or perspectives. The full timetable has not been published but SB Seating who’s RH Logic and HÅG Conventio we recently reviewed and loved have published their schedule and plan a number of interesting talks from the design of Sit Stand to Set Design for the Big Screen.

Finally there is the Fringe which is designed to bring in the local community. There are over 60 individual exhibitions in local shops and locations which ties the whole borough together.

The map of the Design week looks like someone has spilled an entire box of multicolored drawing pins on the paper. I tried counting individual events and lost count when I got over 50 – there is more going on than you could possible attend.

So when is it? Tuesday May the 19th to the 21st. Entry is free but you have to register to reserve your place. If you are in London or can get there the Clerkenwell Design Week deserves your time.

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