A pull-down wall bed is one of the easiest ways to gain more space and have the potential of turning one room into two without loosing any floor space. Italian company Clei makes a large range of transformable beds that are easy to fold away within seconds and in their place emerges a sofa, table, desk or shelves. 


I have always loved the design, but hesitant about the effort required to lift a bed into a wall. Clei is building beds that can be lifted by one hand and stored in seconds. Bedding stay on the bed, shelves and desks do not have to be cleared but lift out of the way seamlessly.

Well-designed, beautifully engineered top-quality furniture does not come at a budget price, but this is the type of design that excels where a standard bed would not be feasible by combining two partial use rooms on top of each other in a single space. The price comparison is not between a standard bed and wall-bed, but between a wall-bed and building a second room or renting a larger apartment.

A wall-bed would be a cost-effective option to turn an office-by-day into a carer-bedroom-by-night and generally a cheaper option than building another room.

Clei UK