The Sid Meyers Civilization series is one of the most venerable strategy and world building series and has also been one of the most accessible.  Today the latest instalment and the first one not be set on Earth – Civilization: Beyond Earth launches on the PC.

Civilization BE is set on a new planet and starts with your colony ships landing on a virgin world.  This rather turns the standard ‘start in the stone-age and get to spaceships’ strategy on its head.  Start with high technology at least in some areas but a small population, few resources and of course your opponents have the same tech level. The game also has a number of other new features most notably a tech web rather than tree, the ability to put satellites and transports in orbit perhaps most interestingly the game supports mods.

We will have to wait and see if Beyond Earth matches up to its earlier brothers but so far it all looks promising.

Civilization Beyond Earth is available today on DVDor via download  with Steam for £26.99.


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