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A supercharged first aid kit

Some households probably do fine on plasters and anti-septics, but others, particularly those affected by chronic illness, require more substance. We prefer being prepared for most emergencies and we also stock up for relief of common, general symptoms. Emergencies don't happen on schedule with prior warning. It's just sensible to be prepared.


If you’ve a chronic health condition or a condition that is hidden it’s good practice to carry ID that lists your conditions. Medic Alert is a system which most people are at least peripherally aware of. The idea is low tech and simple – wear a tag on a bracelet or necklace with an Asclepius symbol on the front and on the back a couple of lines of text listing your conditions and a code number.

CMS Medical Cohesive Bandages

Cohesive bandages are inexpensive, reusable bandages that is self-adhesive only. It’s the duct tape of the first aid box.



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