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Camping comfortably is an art form. It requires some planning, a modest investment in a good set of gear and a great place to camp. Sleep warm and dry, eat well and pack light is the key to success for us.

Essential Camping Gear

Hydro Flask Tumbler

The Ergohacks Verdict I’m writing this on a rainy Monday morning and if I didn’t have...

AUKEY Solar Power Bank

Batteries are an ever-present part of my bag these days and when camping at the beginning of the...

The Air Chair

The Ergohacks Verdict Blow up furniture was a fad in the early nineties. I remember laboriously...

Aukey 28W Solar Panel

The Ergohacks Verdict I’ve got a lot of devices. I went away last week camping and we took...

GOGO Lantern

The Ergohacks Verdict This is possibly the weirdest review I’ve ever written. When I saw the...


Campsites with Ambience

Location, location, location


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