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Sleep in a tent

I always picture camping as a lone tent pitched in beautiful surroundings where everything looks comfortably warm and idyllic. Our first time camping was nothing like that. We landed in a parking lot style campsite, tents packed like sardines in a tin, so much noise and light pollution that sleeping was extremely difficult and when our budget supermarket mattress inflated in the freezing cold early morning hours, I'd had enough. We didn't camp again for three years.

Spring 2016, Chris picked up a Coleman Octagon tent and working with companies like Coleman and Light My Fire, we've started to assemble two minimalist camping sets - one for hot weather and one for typical English weather. I developed a better eye for spotting and evading campsites with parking lot syndrome and thus our camping weekends have become something we very much look forward to during the warmer months of the year.

Maybe later we'll think about extending camping season, but for now, we love camping in the shade on warm, sunny days.

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