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Sample a static caravan stay

Staying in a static caravan holiday park is a thing of childhood. We sampled a small selection in Hampshire, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall whilst Cass was just the right age to think it's the most awesome holiday in the world, i.e. age four to six. These were our favourites based on location and calibre of on-site facilities, particularly the swimming pools.

Top Tips

There are so many holiday parks to choose from that we didn't know where to start at first. We quickly realised that not all holiday parks are equal, even the ones owned by the same company can differ massively in quality and style. Once we did more homework on-line before booking, we had a much better experience.

The same holds true for the on-site entertainment passes. We pick them up  - cost depending - at parks where we plan to make full use of the on-site facilities - but if we're mainly sightseeing around the local area or they're particularly costly, we don't get them.

What to bring along

  • Pack a sharp knife, bottle opener, frying pan, scissors, oven gloves and tin opener (if you use these). Also pack washing up liquid, tea towels and bin liners. The oven is never great - don't bargain on doing huge home cooked meals.
  • The shops are usually paltry and overpriced. Stop in at a farm shop or supermarket on the way and don't forget the coffee & tea and cupboard staples.
  • Bring your own toilet roll and towels. Check if bedding is included in your package, if not, bring those. If you're fussy about pillows, bring your own.
  • Pack light - there's little storage and space quickly gets crowded and messy.
  • Bring extra blankets, static caravans rarely have great insulation.
  • Pack for all weather no matter what the forecast - don't forget coats, jumpers, wellies, sunscreen and day-at-the-beach supplies.


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