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Barrington Court

Barrington Court, an empty Tudor manor house with farm buildings, gardens and orchards, beautifully restored in the 1920s. It offers a lovely day in the Somerset countryside with food grown in the kitchen gardens served in the cafè, a beautiful lawn often with traditional games available or family centred activities, interesting walks around the estate and the manor house is worth a visit as well.

Antsey’s Cove Cafe

The Ergohacks Verdict Go and have another look at the picture above. Looks idyllic doesn’t...


Overbecks is a small but spectacular garden with unusual tropical plants clinging to the cliffs above Salcombe in Devon. It’s idyllic and well worth visiting.

Rockfish Torquay

The Ergohacks Verdict Cass loves good food. Growing up on a gluten and dairy free diet, she loves...

The Lost Gardens of Heligan

The Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall is an extensive estate with 200 acres of land. It’s a mix of woodland, wildlife haven, working farm, formal gardens, play grounds, fields and kitchen garden. It has a saw mill, charcoal kiln, wildlife hide as well as the iconic sculptures of the mud maid, grey lady and its famous Burma Rope Bridge.

Harold Hillier Gardens

Harold Hillier Gardens in Hampshire feels like a mix between a park, community centre and formal garden. The formal gardens are immaculately kept and beautiful during the flowering seasons. The grounds are 180 acres with some lovely woodland paths and meadows as well as extensive lawns with plenty of benches, picnic tables, some play areas and interesting features dotted throughout.

Rockley Park, Poole

Rockley Park is a top-notch holiday park located on Poole Harbour. It’s a large park, with...


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