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Do I need a tablet?

Tablets exist in a liminal space between smartphones and laptops. It isn't an essential item on our tech list and yet we've owned a tablet, often multiples in recent years, since the first iPad in 2010 and they're put to use on a daily basis. Tablets add convenience to life and are excellent media consumptions devices. They're a reliable stand-in for a laptop, an e-reader, a TV, a console and to some extent, a smartphone.

They're great for reading, watching a film on your own, playing mobile games (and there are some brilliant mobile games) and with a larger screen, makes web surfing, shopping and social network access easier on the eye. They're accessible devices. And they're excellent for education.

The best choice

Apple's iPad

The iPad remains the definitive tablet. It's beautifully made, works well, has little or no maintenance and the App Store is still the best place to find premium apps, particularly when it comes to Education. We've always had an iPad and our primary use for it is educational apps. It also has a magnificent screen great for media consumption. It comes with a premium price tag, but it's worth every penny.

Android Tablets

There is a wide range of Android tablets on the market - differing in size, specification and price, but generally, Android tablets are at the budget end of the market. Android is a sturdy platform and the most popular apps are just as easily purchased in the Play Store as the App Store. The Play Store is usually cheaper for the same App and unless you're into professional level Apps - it should have everything you need at a bigger cost saving. Android offers the best LTE tablets on the market.

Amazon's Fire

The Fire tablet starts at just under £50 for the 8 Gb version and is one of the best budget tablets on the market. It runs Android, but ties into the Amazon Store rather than the Play Store - to encourage consumers to shop at Amazon instead. It's a tablet with a micro SD card slot and integrated Alexa.

Windows Tablets

Windows tablets run Windows 10 and they are effectively a small PC. Plug in a mouse, keyboard and screen and you have a standard PC to work from. They're excellent for anyone who needs to be in the Windows eco-system, but wants a tablet.


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