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The Woojer Strap

Today I looked like Iron Man. I walked to school to pick up Cass with a glowing LED circle in the...

Reima Kids’ long sleeve t-shirt Tiptoe

T-shirts are a universal wardrobe staple and yet often underutilized. The 100% cotton prints that barely last a season predominates. We recently received a long sleeve t-shirt from Reima alongside their innovative children’s activity tracker and as I watched Cass choose it day after day until I had to confiscate it for a wash, I realised that we haven’t paid enough attention to the full capabilities of the humble T-shirt.

The Tiptoe is an understated piece of engineered genius.

Regatta Nessus Base Layer Leggings

A base layer is an essential wardrobe staple. It makes it easy to spend time outdoors during the colder months of the year, it’s an excellent choice of sleepwear when camping and it’s a favoured choice of loungewear during lazy, cold weekends. It’s the leggings that really matters, or so I’m told by our seven-year-old expert, and the Regatta Nessus Baselayer Leggings has gotten a thumbs up for both comfort and warmth.

Regatta Kids Hot Shot II Fleece

Layering is the key to staying warm, but piling on thick layers on children restrict their movement and just isn’t comfortable. Winter in southern England may have some cold snaps, but for the most part, it’s fairly mild. Spend a day outdoors though and the single digit temperatures do creep closer to the skin. I picked up Regatta Kids Hot Shot II as a mid-layer and it’s worked out beautifully.

It’s thin, soft and comfortable over a T-shirt, doesn’t bulk up under a thick winter coat and it’s just right for wear indoors. Cass usually favours chunky jumpers, but underneath her winter coat, this is the new favourite.


We’re all guilty of spending a bit too much money on Amazon. Twenty years ago the idea that...

Freakenomics Radio

Financial issues are often hard to discuss and get into and social issues can be even more so so the idea of a podcast that discusses socioeconomic issues does not sound like an instant hit. Many people have heard of the 2005 book by Freakonomics by Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt and the podcast takes off where the book left off. The podcast is hosted by Dubner although Levitt regularly also appears.


If your monthly incomings don’t match your monthly outgoings you’ve got two choices. You can make more money either via a job, investments or side work or you can cut your costs. In 2003 financial journalist Martin Lewis launched a website with the idea that by providing information and tools people could be enabled to save money.