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Podcasts are excellent for catching up on current news, current trends and keeping up with niche areas of interest. They're free and offer unique insights and interesting viewpoints on almost any subject under the sun. These are our top choices.

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Freakenomics Radio

Financial issues are often hard to discuss and get into and social issues can be even more so so the idea of a podcast that discusses socioeconomic issues does not sound like an instant hit. Many people have heard of the 2005 book by Freakonomics by Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt and the podcast takes off where the book left off. The podcast is hosted by Dubner although Levitt regularly also appears.

FT Money Show Podcast

The Ergohacks Verdict If you’re like me you’ve spent a good proportion of your adult...

Techs Message

The Ergohacks Verdict Tech podcasts are an increasing breed. They might be daily, weekly,...

Pixels: The only grown-up gaming podcast

Pixels is a podcast by ex-Blizzard podcaster Patrick Beja. Beja has been one of my favorite podcasters for years (Movielicious anyone?) but after he left Blizzard and went full time into podcasting he was finally able to launch a gaming podcast. And its excellent.

Hak5 – Trust Your Technolust

In some ways the tagline for Hak5 sums it up perfectly. Trust Your Technolust. In 2005 Darren Kitchen started a podcast called Hak5 focusing on technology and the hacking culture.

Security Now Podcast

Five minutes browsing Ergohacks will probably tell you a couple of things about my personality and...



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hack noun 1. … a quick or inelegant solution to a particular problem. 2. A strategy or technique for managing one’s time or activities more efficiently.

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