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Mobile phones have become the centre of our world in many ways. We use them to read, play a game, shop, stay connected, check our email, navigate, pay for things, look up information, check our calendars and tick off our to-do lists. We also use them to keep track of Cass' glucose levels, alert us to lows and highs and help us out with carb counting. It's potentially the most vital piece of technology we own (other than Cass' insulin pump).

Samsung Galaxy

We currently each have a Samsung Galaxy. We often take photographs with our phones and the great cameras of the Galaxy series won us over. And there's the added bonus of the S7 and S8 being waterproof which is very convenient on wet days outdoors.  

Samsung Galaxy S8

Chris' phone

Samsung Galaxy S7

Lily's phone

Samsung Galaxy S6

Cass' phone

Phones with a flair

Some phones are more interesting because they stand out of the crowd. This might be because of their screen, battery life, top notch camera or ruggedness. We often have multiple phones operating at the same time because we enjoy testing out phones for manufacturers that's a bit more unique and often invest in a particular phone for a particular purpose.

Xiaomi Mi Max

Since smartphones were relaunched with the first iPhone the spent years where the accepted wisdom...

LG Google Nexus 5X

The Nexus line of phones is something special in the Android world. The phone or pair of phones is...


A special thanks to Google, Xiaomi and FreedomPop for kindly providing the Nexus 5X, Mi Max and V7 ZYRO and to Archos for lending us theirs to test and try.  

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