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The Ergohacks Verdict Hook is one of the best puzzle games I have ever played. It’s...

Death Squared on Switch

The Ergohacks Verdict Puzzle games are always fun and since the original Portal I’ve held a...

World of Goo

World of Goo is an iconic classic puzzle game with a highly distinctive visual style. A puzzle game not to be missed.

Blackwood Crossing

Blackwood Crossing is a narrative drive first-person adventure game. I’m going to absolutely...

Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda is an open-world action adventure third person shooter set in a stunning new...


The best puzzle games take a simple concept and add levels of complexity and twist it until it almost breaks. This is one of those games. If you’re a fan of twisty puzzle games – get Induction – you won’t be sorry.

No Man’s Sky

Few games from a relatively unknown developer have been as eagerly anticipated as that for No Man’s Sky.

Defense Grid 2

Defense Grid 2 is the much anticipated sequel of Defense Grid: The Awakening. It’s a quintessential tower defense game released in 2014 and remains one of my favourite games of all times.


Overwatch went live this week in the culmination of two years of build up by Blizzard. The game is...


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