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Read every day

We started a daily reading challenge when Cass' reading skill level reached the stage where she was capable of joining in because there's many benefits to reap. Reading improves memory, focus and concentration, grows your vocabulary and verbal skills, expands your knowledge and improves your imagination. It's also free entertainment anywhere, great for stress relief, inducing sleep and staving off boredom. Nobody ever regrets taking the time and making the effort to read more.

We thought it would be hard to find the time and motivation, but as we each chose to read what we love, it quickly became a habit we haven't broken yet. Even if its just five minutes before bed or a few minutes whilst waiting for the doors at school to open, we read every day. And we're still loving it.

We each have our favourite books, favourite genres, favourite series and favourite characters and those extraordinary reads we know we'll want to read again, goes on The Book List.

The Book List

Science Fiction

If you skip past this thinking science fiction isn't for you, think again. Here's why.


Audio books are not an inferior substitute for reading. Listening to an audiobook is reading, it's just reading in a different way. We love listening to audiobooks, who doesn't love being told a great story. We recommend Audible. It has a decent selection, good quality narration of great books, it's available on all platforms, affordable, convenient and easy to use.

Excellent children's books

We're passionate about raising an avid reader and we think the secret to doing so is to give her books that she'd love to read. The good stuff with great stories, mesmerizing characters and something to sink her teeth into. We don't distinguish between books she can read and books that are read to her, but focus instead on books that will engender a love of storytelling, regardless of the specific medium.


Fantasy allows the impossible to happen. It's about new worlds filled with magic, always shimmering with potential. We read more science fiction than fantasy and often set the bar extremely high when it comes to this genre because it's so difficult to write great fantasy that are both believable and engaging. These are our favourite books in the genre (we've read a lot more than we've featured here, working on growing the list as fast as we can).

Paper or paperless?

Some printed books are works of art. They're made to be picked up and paged through. Most books are made for reading. They're many words on a page - sometimes with a bit of illustration. Ebooks can be wonderful things for meaty books when they're done well. We love reading digitally because we can carry many books with us wherever we go. These are the devices we've found excellent for reading.

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