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Water is a healthy, cheap choice of drink. It doesn't contain any calories or sugar, tap water doesn't require any preparation and we need to drink some water every day. We decided to focus on drinking water as a healthy habit we could easily sustain.

Bottled water isn't our thing - it generates a large amount of plastic waste, costs extra and is rather unnecessary. Tap water is the sensible choice. We're fans of not for profit organization, community interest company Refill and Givemetap - organizations that have collaborated with businesses to provide water 'filling stations'. Filling stations are venues that will refill your reusable bottle free of charge without requiring any purchase. Many are restaurants, pubs, hotels or cafès, but some are unexpected - Lush shops are on the list as is the Arnolfini, At-Bristol and The Eden Project.

All set to find a free water refill wherever we go, we've been thrilled to discover the versatile selection of eco water bottles. We do appreciate a good water bottle and have a mixed collection suited for every task - insulated bottles for hot days, small bottles for everyday carry, large lightweight bottles for long walks and we use them every day.

Eco-bottles & bits

BPA & BPS free, no Phthalates or PVC, 100% leakproof,  stain, smell and shatter resistant, reusable and durable.

Nalgene 32oz Narrow Mouth Water Bottle

Chris has been carrying a Nalgene 1L bottle for many years and he’s still very happy with it, however, Cass who often shares it, has trouble with the wide-mouth opening. I picked up Nalgene’s narrow mouth 1L bottle before our latest trip to Cornwall hoping it’ll function well as the only bottle we carry on walks. It’s worked out beautifully.

Aladdin Aveo 0.6ml Water Bottle

I scaled up from 350ml to 600ml and it quickly turned into my favourite regular bottle. It’s a durable, lightweight, leakproof bottle perfect for a day out walking.

Ulla: A nifty drink reminder gadget

The Ulla is a simple idea executed brilliantly. It’s a small sensor that attaches to any glass or water bottle and flashes when I don’t drink often enough. And that’s it. No drama, no hassle, just simplicity at its best.

Hidrate Spark 2.0 Smart water bottle

The Hidrate Spark is a bottle that records how much water goes into it and how much gets drunk. It then uses an LED light and notifications on your phone to remind you to drink when you forget. That’s the simple version.



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