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Healthy Habit Gadgets

Healthy habits should come naturally. In an ideal world, we should all be walking and cycling to get where we want to go, eat healthy food grown locally or even better, homegrown. We would use less, make do with what we have, dispose of little and value each of our possessions. Healthy habits should an almost invisible part of everyday life.

Modern life is more complicated. We have to go to school and to work where most of us spend the day sitting down and looking at a screen for longer than is good for us. We return home tired and collapse on the couch and struggle to face the idea of spending an hour in the kitchen cooking from scratch. We have great intentions, but realising them is harder than conceiving them.

Enter the joy of gadgets and gimmicks. We're highly pro-technology, but we're also all for functionality and top quality design. Health gadgets is a pitfall many succumb to. Tracking steps to the one, measuring sleep to the minute and sharing our personal data on pretty graphs on social media.


Gadgets have a place, but micromanagement isn't it. We have been investigating gadgets as a potential incentive for starting. Starting is where the journey to a healthier you begins and it's also where most of us fail instantly. Starting is the hardest part. It's changing habits, going against the grain, carving out a different road through hard work and perseverance. It's at the start where a little bit of help would be very much appreciated.

We're testing and featuring gadgets that have a positive role to play. Gadgets that make it easier to begin. Gadgets that can help to change a bad habit to a good one. Like these:

Ulla: A nifty drink reminder gadget

The Ulla is a simple idea executed brilliantly. It’s a small sensor that attaches to any glass or water bottle and flashes when I don’t drink often enough. And that’s it. No drama, no hassle, just simplicity at its best.



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hack noun 1. … a quick or inelegant solution to a particular problem. 2. A strategy or technique for managing one’s time or activities more efficiently.

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