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Drink more water in a healthy, eco-friendly way

Almost everyone could do with drinking more water. Water is the healthiest drink on the planet and we can't survive for long without it. Yet we're filling our rivers and oceans, the most precious resource we have, with plastic - a lot of it from single use water and drinks bottles. Cass can tell you that 1 in 3 marine animals have been found entangled in plastic and that more than 90% of sea birds have plastic in their stomachs. I'm concerned about the health impact of plastic that leaches harmful endocrine disrupters into the water we drink. Do we really want live in a world of plastic? It's a complex problem because plastic use is so pervasive, so we started small - no more disposable plastic bottles. We've decided to drink tap water from decent water bottles instead of bottled water or plastic packaged drinks.  

The Bobble water bottle

I have a cupboard filled with water bottles. We carry them around the house, out to the garden and...


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