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Create a productivity nook at home

A home office is a reassuring place, even if its just a small desk in the corner of a room where you can sit down comfortably to concentrate. It's where you can dock your laptop into a larger monitor or where you stash the gaming PC also used for intensive digital jobs. It's where the printer lives and the ergonomic mechanical keyboard. Home of the hub that keeps the house connected and where a comfortable chair and adjustable desk is always welcoming. It makes allowances for bigger luxury items that won't ever fit in a bag, yet doesn't make home feel like an office. It's easy for work to sprawl across our home and lives all the time. 2017 was the year we decided to find work spaces that work for us. Chris found a quiet, isolated spot where it was work to interrupt him whilst I set up in the largest room of the house next to the patio doors that open into the garden where I can also keep an eye on Cass' desk and hear kitchen timers and the door bell. We're great fans of stability and durability and tend to invest in office technology and ergonomic furniture that will last at least five to ten years. That's the goal. Also, empty desks with miles and miles of open space. Possibly a pipe dream, that. We'll see.

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