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The greatest challenge in our modern super connected world is dealing successfully with all the information we are faced with on a daily basis. We have a gazillion passwords, a million bookmarks, multiple schedules to keep straight and appointments to keep. Organizing life doesn't have to be boring or all that time consuming if you let technology lighten the load.

The software we rely on


LastPass is a password manager. Rather than try and remember complicated passwords for every site and service we use and risk forgetting them it gives us a single storage vault for them all. We've got it installed on every one of our computers and phones and browser plugins everywhere and means we only need to remember one complicated password and log in once a day. It also lets us share passwords between us securely and watches for other problems.

Google Calendar

Google Calander is time management and scheduling service provided by Google. It keeps us coordinated and we know what's happening when and where because of it. We've used it for over a decade and its gotten to the point where I don't know how we survived without it. We've multiple calendars that all fit together coving everything from posting and work schedules to Cass's school events, holidays, weather and our personal lives.

Tick Tick

Tick Tick is a todo list manager that's probably the least known on this list. It's got the right combination of simplicity and complexity and can take you from a simple list of things to do to complicated shared, prioritised, timed, sub and sub-sub lists and we rely on it.


Dropbox is a file sharing service that we have running on all out machines both as an emergency backup and to keep our work files in sync. We also have it installed on our phones to let us automatically backup our photos to their cloud and our PCS. It's fast and once setup fades into the background with all your files just being wherever you are.



Evernote sells itself as a note-taking and organisation system and I've been a big user of it for coming up on 10 years. I don't use it as a traditional note system but more as a step towards the paperless life. Any important paperwork gets scanned in and added and is searchable and retrievable whenever I need it.


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hack noun 1. … a quick or inelegant solution to a particular problem. 2. A strategy or technique for managing one’s time or activities more efficiently.

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