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The scope of the gaming industry makes it almost impossible to meet anyone who can honestly say 'I don't play video games.' Our world has become saturated with games and just like I don't personally know anyone that never watches TV, I no longer know anyone who never plays a game. From Peggle to Overwatch, Zelda to Pokemon Go, everyone plays something.

We use to play a great many games, but the sheer volume of choice has made it a challenge to find time for tracking down the games we love as well as playing them. Our solution has been to abandon the chase for the latest and greatest and instead focus on immersing ourselves in a handful of irresistible games each year.



Hardware for Gaming

We're not platform bound. We have a long history of PC gaming and continue to love gaming with a mouse and keyboard. We also enjoy console gaming from the couch on PS4 or Xbox One, taking games on the road (or through the house) with the Switch (Thanks Nintendo), on a tablet or mobile phone and most recently, a huge thanks to Oculus Rift for sending us a unit so that we can also venture into the world of VR gaming.



Games we love to play

Playing a game can be a relaxing, rewarding, uplifting experience. Digital games have been credited with enhancing multiple cognitive skills and hand-eye coordination. It has been used for recreation and rehabilitation. We love playing games. We're passionate about games that are both enjoyable and challenging.

Worlds to explore

Action and combat games

Brain Games

Puzzle and Strategy

Life is Strange: Before the Storm

Evocative Games

Games with something to say


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