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Smart ways to improve your finances

Save more money, make more money.


We’re all guilty of spending a bit too much money on Amazon. Twenty years ago the idea that...

Freakenomics Radio

Financial issues are often hard to discuss and get into and social issues can be even more so so the idea of a podcast that discusses socioeconomic issues does not sound like an instant hit. Many people have heard of the 2005 book by Freakonomics by Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt and the podcast takes off where the book left off. The podcast is hosted by Dubner although Levitt regularly also appears.


If your monthly incomings don’t match your monthly outgoings you’ve got two choices. You can make more money either via a job, investments or side work or you can cut your costs. In 2003 financial journalist Martin Lewis launched a website with the idea that by providing information and tools people could be enabled to save money.

The Money Tree

Many of us don’t have the best financial states. It’s often less that things are particularly wrong but more that we just don’t know what’s happening on a month to month and year to year basis.
If you’re looking to fix your finances the best place to start is by looking at everything – everything you do, what your objectives are and what your options are.


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hack noun 1. … a quick or inelegant solution to a particular problem. 2. A strategy or technique for managing one’s time or activities more efficiently.

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