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A hand-picked curated list of the best things we've tried. We have slept in all the beds, eaten a selection of the foods, read the books, played the games, tested, tinkered and closely examined every item on the list over time. Durable, sustainable, unusual, unconventional, timeless design are the hallmark features we value and award with the Ergohacks Essential stamp of approval.

Reima Kids’ long sleeve t-shirt Tiptoe

T-shirts are a universal wardrobe staple and yet often underutilized. The 100% cotton prints that barely last a season predominates. We recently received a long sleeve t-shirt from Reima alongside their innovative children’s activity tracker and as I watched Cass choose it day after day until I had to confiscate it for a wash, I realised that we haven’t paid enough attention to the full capabilities of the humble T-shirt.

The Tiptoe is an understated piece of engineered genius.

Salomon Kids XA Pro 3D Trail Running Shoes

Our daughter Cass does a bit of running and a lot of cycling and walking. I wanted to invest in a pair of shoes that would serve her well in all activities, as well as double up as a great choice for long, active days out when she spends half her time running up and down trying to get us to go faster.

The Salomon Kids XA Pro 3D Trail Running met all our requirements and then some. From the moment she first put them on, they have been her first choice of shoe for every activity.

Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation is a beautifully written philosophical, metaphysical, highly personal memoir....

Gl-iNet Mango Router

The Ergohacks Verdict Earlier this week we took a look at TorGuard’s VPN offerings. If...



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