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Where to eat

We love healthy, fresh, quality food almost as much as we love interesting and attractive venues. Mainly located in the Southwest - although we occasionally venture further from home - the restaurants, pubs, cafes and tea-rooms all have one thing in common - they serve quality ingredients (ideally sustainable and locally sourced), freshly prepared in a memorable location.

Our Values

Local, seasonal, sustainable

We prefer knowing exactly where our food came from. You'll find us at the beach cafe that serves the catch of the day. The farm cafe where food miles are less than one. At restaurants and pubs with a transparent and sustainable supply chain. Not only is seasonal, fresh ingredients good for the planet, but it's also good for us.

An excellent children's menu (or viable alternative choices)

Our pet peeve when it comes to restaurants is serving children junk. We don't buy chicken nuggets or fish fingers, processed meat burgers or battered fish. We don't want to see potatoes, chips in particular, as the only side-dish, except, maybe for some shrivelled up frozen peas or cooked-to-death corn-on-the-cob added as an afterthought because nobody expects children to actually eat their veg. We often skip the rubbish and opt for a starter - like the soup of the day - or ask if it's possible to do a half-size portion of an adult meal instead of chips, chips and more chips.

Lots of freshly prepared vegetables

If there is such a thing as a superfood, it has to be fresh vegetables. The first item I look for on the menu is interesting vegetable dishes. Salad is fine and a good salad is very much appreciated, but we're particularly keen on seasonal vegetables used in creative ways.

Unusual spaces with a unique dining experience

Most of the time, we select food stops based on the environment. You'll see many National Trust Cafes on our recommended list - they serve local, seasonal food, freshly prepared in beautiful surroundings - which fits our taste perfectly. We also look for unusual, character-rich venues where dining is a memorable experience.

Accessible and welcoming

Many venues these days cater for special dietary needs and offer easy access for all. Making all reasonable adjustments to welcome a diverse customer base is something that's important to us and we support fully. In addition, these days we carb count all meals and feel very favourably about venues that a) make the carbohydrate content of their meals available, b) have straight-forward options on the menu that's easy to estimate or c) offer low carb meal options. Type 1 Diabetes management runs much smoother when we know how many carbs are in a meal.


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