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Go for a walk

Walking is an excellent pastime. It's a great way to keep fit, requires little investment or thought, gets us into the great outdoors and its an awesome family activity. Walking can be tough with a chronic illness (and we each have one of those), but with a little extra investment in the right gear, it's not impossible.

Kingston Lacy, Dorset

Kingston Lacy is a gorgeous country manor house built to resemble an Italian palace. We enjoy visiting Kingston Lacy for multiple reasons. The house offers an intimate view into a unique part of history and is home to some incredible paintings. The formal gardens are extensive and beautifully laid out and offers something interesting every season.

Avebury: Famous Stone Circle in Wiltshire

There is something strange and pleasantly unusual about driving past a neolithic monument through a village settled in medieval times to discover the history that’s run its course over 4,000 years. Cass has grown up with regular visits to Avebury where she’s run around the stone circle, played in the museum, joined National Trust hosted trails and activities and learned more about the past. On our most recent visit, she was thrilled to dress in a Tudor costume to play a game of Merre

The Vyne, Hampshire

The Vyne, near Basingstoke, is one of those peaceful places. As soon as we pulled up in the car park and wandered into the second hand bookstore to pick up a book for the day, we were feeling more relaxed already. The walk up to the house next to the river that has been dammed into a like is serene with ducks, swans and Canada geese swimming and flying overhead.

Overbecks, Devon

Overbecks is a small but spectacular garden with unusual tropical plants clinging to the cliffs above Salcombe in Devon. It’s idyllic and well worth visiting.



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