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England has a long history with a wide range of place that brings its heritage to life. History is evident everywhere. From magnificent cathedrals and majestic stone circles to Roman roads and steam trains. Its maritime, military and industrial heritage are as interesting and there are many ways to learn and experience the riches of times past.


Woodhenge is an unassuming Neolithic site built around 2300 BC. It’s the site of an imposing timbre structure (now long gone) surrounded by a 10-metre wide bank and a flat-bottomed ditched 12 metres wide and 2.4 metres deep. Ater, it was excavated, concrete markers were placed to indicate where concentric wooden upright timbe

Avebury: Famous Stone Circle in Wiltshire

There is something strange and pleasantly unusual about driving past a neolithic monument through a village settled in medieval times to discover the history that’s run its course over 4,000 years. Cass has grown up with regular visits to Avebury where she’s run around the stone circle, played in the museum, joined National Trust hosted trails and activities and learned more about the past. On our most recent visit, she was thrilled to dress in a Tudor costume to play a game of Merre

Hardy’s Cottage in Dorset

Hardy’s Cottage near Dorchester is one of the smaller National Trust properties. We arrived late morning, had a modest early lunch at the cafè and then set off for a walk through the woods to the cottage. The surrounding woodland is beautiful and the approach to the cottage is idyllic. Turn a corner and suddenly, it felt as if we’d time travelled to the mid-19th Century. Smoke was coming from the chimney and everything looked and felt exactly as it must have in Hardy’s time.

Corfe Castle: A thousand years of history

Corfe Castle is an impressive sight. Situated at the top of a hill on the Isle of Purbeck in Dorset, it towers over the surrounding landscape. It’s witnessed a thousand years of history and today living history events are popular and bring the past back to life for adults and children alike. Our visit was during a medieval living history event by the Feudals and we certainly had an interesting day.

Salisbury Cathedral

The medieval cathedrals of England are known for their individualistic styles. Built and re-built...



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