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Sleeping somewhere else should be relaxing. An overnight stay is a gateway to adventure further away from home and can create the opportunity to view life with a fresh perspective.

We gravitate towards short breaks. They are less stressful to plan or budget for than a long holiday and easier to embark on with impulse and spontaneity. As there are so many beautiful and interesting places to visit not that far from home, we love getting away regularly to explore the world around us.

Favourite places

Home away from home

There is something to be said for renting a home for a weekend. Kicking off our shoes as we enter, our daughter is usually the first to explore every inch. Discovering her bed, if there's a bath or shower, where the light switches are and then lugging her bag that is filled with all her things to the nearest table where she starts to unpack her treasure whilst we unpack everything else, is an exhilarating experience every time. We never grow tired of stepping into a different pair of shoes for a while and getting away from our normal space filled with our usual routines and discovering a different way of life.

The great outdoors

Sleeping in a tent isn't for everyone. Most of us have horror stories to tell about getting very wet, feeling very cold and struggling through without the basic comforts and familiar pleasures of home. I've always loved the idea of camping, but it wasn't until our daughter was old enough to start demanding a night in a tent that we tried it out.

It's been an amazing adventure. We were very cold once, very wet twice and then we discovered the great secret of happy campers - invest in the right gear. Now with a warm weather/cold weather tent, decent mattresses and sleeping bags, a mini-camping kitchen in a bag and books in hand, we love camping during the warmer months of the year. Few things are as relaxing as the tranquillity of night and in a canvas tent, you do experience it fully. The sounds, the sights, the smells that are usually cut off by brick and mortar is impossible to miss when spending a night sleeping in the outdoors.

Our favourite places to camp are quiet spots with great access to the outdoors. A strictly enforced evening curfew is a must and we favour smaller campsites away from the crowds.

Holiday Parks

I'd never stayed in a holiday park until Cass was old enough to swim. She loves easy access to a cool pool and often the best pools are found inside holiday parks. It doesn't matter to her if we stay in a woodland lodge, seaside chalet or static caravan, she loves it all.

We never thought we'd grow to love it as well. There is definitely clear advantages to having your own space within a larger environment that offers plenty to do. A short-break spent going to the pool, going for long walks, cycling, stopping in at the adventure playground and coming home to a space with a lounge, kitchen and plenty of room have many advantages.

What we look for

Room to breathe

Overnight stays should be relaxing and enjoyable. We value our sleep highly and opt for venues that quiet down by 10 pm or ideally, is never noisy, to begin with. We often select rural locations and self-contained spaces.

Stylish family friendly venues

As a family of three, we only feature family-friendly venues, however, we carefully select venues that strike the perfect balance between what children want and their parents need.

Interested in Eco

We're always interested in exploring venues with an eco-friendly agenda.


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