In home monitoring systems for the elderly and disabled have been around and available for years but until recently have been little more advanced than a call button and a speakerphone with an operator able to call for help when needed.  Smart devices and wearable are starting to take off in the tech industry and it has long been a dream to combine this with a monitoring system. The CarePredict systems seems to come the closest we’ve yet seen.


The CarePredict uses a wrist worn sensor that looks like an odd wrist watch to detect motion and location.  It uses this to figure out what you are doing and transmits the data to to a ‘beacon’ in every room, which appears to be a bluetooth hub.  The data is then aggregated and added to user entered data such as the house layout and this is available online to the user or other third parties who you give access.

Once it has gotten a good baseline of data it can be used to set off alarms for specific circumstances.  The example they use is that lying down for two hours in the bedroom would signify a nap, but lying down for 2 hours in the bathroom would show a problem. At that point the monitoring service provided by Tempo can call for help by sending text messages, emails or push notifications.

carepredict 2

The basic system of one sensor and four beacons will cost $169 and the monitoring service will be $19.99 a month.  Extra beacons are $19.99 and one per room will be needed.  They plan to ship in the US in the Autumn and roll out to further countries including the UK before the end of the year.

Its an interesting system and its per-room monitoring abilities are impressive although to replace current systems such as Lifeline they would have to add the ability to contact emergency services which could be very difficult because of their automated nature.

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