If you are anything like us this week is building into a huge amount of work to get ready for next Friday’s big event. The food is ordered, the presents are ready and the arrangements are made… or hopefully so. One of the staples of Christmas day for many is the post lunch stupor where board games get pulled out or the family goes for a walk to try and stay awake. If you’re reading this the chances are that you’re among the more tech literate members of your family so can I suggest an alternative to take along?

Google Cardboard is the simplest and cheapest way to experience VR and for someone who’s never tried it before it can be amazing. The headset costs less than £10 – assuming you have a mid range or better smartphone – and it takes a couple of minutes to set up. Once going it’s very easy to use. There are a number of apps available but I’d recommend Titans of Space as a simple inspiring tour of the solar system and Vrse for a number of more Earthly experiences. If you’re looking to try it with more a little more adrenalin the base jumping game Caaaaardboard! will keep both the playee and the people watching entertained.

When Cardboard was first shown off people thought it was a joke but two and a half years later it’s proven its got a rapidly growing place in the VR market. Take one with you this Christmas – it’s a great time filler.

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