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Camping is something that doesn’t appeal to everyone but the next obvious step up of caravans is a lot more work, cost and trouble. What most people do not think of is the intervening step of campervans. The immediate thought when you say campervans is of a huge probably American RV land boat that is almost a home in itself but there is a smaller version – van conversions. The easiest way to think of these is a normal van which has its insides changed to add in a bed or beds, furniture, a kitchen and possibly a loo and shower. They can range from the amazingly simple up to very ornate but are usually divided into two types – low tops and high tops.

Low tops keep the existing van roof and hence are not that generous on headroom. This makes them cheaper, more fuel efficient and often structurally stronger. High tops have the manufacture’s roof removed and a fibreglass shell added. This give much more head space and storage space but adds to the initial cost and the fuel use and if done poorly can cause problems later in the vans life.

The ideas is that the van is both your accommodation and your transport. Drive down to Cornwall for a week with the bikes on the back and you’re set. If you want to buy one they are available new from around £14,000 or much cheaper for a much older model. They are also available to hire from a number of places.

Where the conversion idea starts to get really interesting is when you consider that it can be done DIY and customised to exactly what you want. Want a double bed with a bunk bed in the ceiling for the kids?  Want extra table space for a mobile office?  A built-in coffee machine?  All doable and all have been done by someone before. YouTube has a huge selection of videos and ideas so if you’re thinking about it dive in!