The Countryside Mobility South West is an equipment hire scheme that operates in the South West of England, making Tramper mobility scooters and accessible Wheelyboats available for hire to anyone with limited mobility at many locations in Dorset, Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Gloucestershire (view map).


Register for either an annual membership at £10 or a 4-week membership for £2.50 and then book a Tramper or Wheelyboat directly from the venue of your choice. Some venues charge a fee, around £2.50 per hour for a scooter or £30-60 for a half-day Wheelyboat hire, but this is at the discretion of the venue, check with them directly before or when booking.

Book alongside your first hire a “Tramper Training” session where a member of staff will offer a 15-minute introduction and instruction on how to use the scooter. Some Wheelyboats include someone to drive it whilst other is hired out on a ‘self-drive’ basis with instructions provided on how to drive it yourself before you set off.

The scheme was started four years ago by the charity Living Options Devon with the aim to enable people with restricted mobility, either permanent or temporary, to enjoy the countryside.

wheelyboat with passengers on the water


There are a few requirements and restrictions on becoming a member:

“The following requirements are essential for your safety:

  • The recommended maximum weight to operate a Tramper is 25 stone (159kg).
  • You should be able to read a vehicle number plate from a distance of 6 metres and have no significant visual impairment that would prevent you from reading safety signs, avoiding obstacles or other hazards.
  • You should have sufficient upper body strength, upper limb mobility and hand dexterity to grip both Tramper handlebar grips securely and operate the twist grip

You should consult your doctor before using a Tramper if:

  • You have a medical condition that causes / could cause seizures or convulsions; or that affects / could affect your memory, level of consciousness or alertness, balance, mood, or anxiety levels
  • You have a history of back problems or spinal conditions

Learning difficulties or developmental conditions:

  • Tramper users must have sufficient learning abilities to understand information presented by the instructor, be able to operate and safely control the Tramper, identify and avoid hazards, and to react to changes in the surrounding environment.”

Source: Countryside Mobility