Pinterest is in someways the forgotten social network.  If you think of social networks you will probably think of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and maybe LinkedIn but just below them is Pinterest.  Pinterest also has a rather different younger and more female demographic so if you are setting up a site it is important to remember it. Cross posting from one place to another can be problematic – the tone and feel has to fit or it feels wrong.  Pinterest is different in that it is a visually picture based network rather than being text based and as such is potentially more accessible for some people.


Jetpack for WordPress includes a Publicize section which allows notifications to be passed automatically to multiple networks such as Tumblr and Path but not Pinterest.  So how can we integrate Pinterest into a WordPress site?  The simplest start to let readers pin our images is a plugin like Pinterest “Pin It” Button.  This will let you put a Pin button either at the top or the bottom of each post or in the sidebar.  Click the button and the reader will either get a choice of image to Pin or be given a specific image (depending on your settings).  They will then be able to select which of their boards they wish to post to and are returned back to your WordPress site.

If you are looking to to the other way and get more people to your Pinterest boards from your WordPress a plugin like Pinterest “Follow” Button is the best way to start.  Install and enter your Pinterest details and you can add a widget to your sidebar which will let your readers go directly to whatever of your boards you prefer.

Once you are comfortable with these you can get ambitious – use Easy Pinterest to bring pictures back from Pinterest to a widget or control your Pinterest account, see analytics and schedule pins from your dashboard with WP Pinner.

Pinterest might not be the most important social network but it does fill a unique niche and if you are running a site you should be taking it into account.



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