This weekend a Mini-Maker Faire is to be held in the Corn Exchange in Brighton.  Maker Faire’s are a type of event originally started by Make Magazine in the US to ” “celebrate arts, crafts, engineering, science projects and the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) mindset”.

Mini-Makers are run independently to Make Magazine (although with some advice and marketing) and the Brighton Mini-Maker is among the oldest having run since 2011.  The Faire will run over the two weekend days with the main events on Saturday and bookable workshops on Sunday.

Aside from the main exhibitions Saturday will include such panels and talks including :

  • Anne Hollowday, film maker  Talk: The Makers of Things.
  • Isabel Lizardi, Bare Conductive  Talk: Drawing Circuits with Conductive Paint! – Electronics Re-invented
  • Jon Mills, blacksmith artist: A Bridge, A Car, and A Grumpy Man of Metal
  • Seb Lee-Delisle, award-winning digital artist Talk: Behind the scenes of PixelPyros
  • A Debate Chaired by Maggie Philbin Making for Social Good – How can creating and making improve society and help individuals grow?
  • Chris Thorpe, maker and founder of The Flexiscale Company, a UK startup making and printing 3D models of steam engines
  •  Clive Beale, director of educational development at Raspberry Pi, a credit-card sized computer that plugs into your TV and keyboard. The Raspberry Pi phenomenon
  • Alice Taylor, co-founder and CEO of Makielab Talk: Toys of the future
  • Debate Chaired by Bill Thompson The 3D printing revolution – will it change the way we create, manufacture, consume and recycle? Will it trigger the return of the cottage industry? How does the future of manufacturing look like post-peak oil and Chinese off shoring?

On Sunday there will be a number of workshops including:

  •  Useless Machine Making – The useless workshop will guide you through the process of creating your very own useless machine from simple parts.
  • Cymatics – The science of sound!  When physical matter is vibrated with sound it adopts geometric formations that are an analog of sound in visual form
  • Design Modelling with Jude Pullen – If an image is worth 1000 words, then perhaps a model is worth 1000 images?
  • Karen Rao – Felt Making: make your own beanie hat or bag! Learn how to create a hand felted reversible hat or a shoulder strapped bag.
  • Developing Dreams: Full-body scanning to 3D printing – an introduction.
  • Exploring Senses – CommuniTOY Robots! Save a Toy from a landfilled fate! Build your own motorised ‘robo-toy’ and bring a discarded toy to life.
  • Nomadic Sound Systems – Portable/Mobile Sound Systems workshop. This workshop includes everything you need to turn an old pair of speakers into a high quality portable sound system for outdoor parties.
  • Introduction to wearable electronics Learn how to sew LEDs onto fabric and make them light up.
  • Native Hands – Foraged from the Urban Jungle. Using recycled tetrapaks, make a colourful and robust pouch for your phone or glasses, using the bias-plaiting technique.

The event runs from 10am until 5pm Saturday and Sunday and tickets are still available for £5 with under 16’s going free.

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