Full-spectrum energy efficient lightbulbs are usually wonderfully bright, but for some rooms and some occasions a little less bright would be wonderful. The Bright Cool Daylight bulb from TCP provides white light, but at 650 lumen, it’s still plenty of bright for increased visibility, but not so bright that my living room feels like a hospital.

Product Information

Price: £5 – 7

1x Bayonet cap full-spectrum lightbulb

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About TCP

Technical Consumer Products (TCP) is an Ohio-based global manufacturer and distributor of lighting systems, including energy efficient light bulbs. Founded in 1993, it is a subsidiary of TCP International Holdings, Ltd., one of the biggest companies in the energy efficient lighting industry.


It is a twisted spiral shape light bulb with a bayonet fitting. It has a 10 year typical lifespan with rapid startup. It does have a Kelvin rating of 6600, making it a “cool white” on the blue light spectrum, which can be a problem for some who experience migraine attack, but it only emits 650 lumens instead of the standard 1600, making it a good alternative for photophobia or areas where a full-spectrum, but dimmer white light is preferred.

  • Target age range: All ages
  • Target gender: Unisex/gender neutral
  • Target audience: Consumer, household item
  • Indoor use only

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Environment & People

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Certification: Energy Star


There was a time when £6 was a lot of money for one lightbulb, but with the longevity and reduced energy use of energy-efficient lightbulbs, it has become a cost-effective solution. The average price for similar bulbs are £4 – 8, placing this mid-range for a good product.


Product dimensions: 9.7 x 4.7 x 4.7 cm
Item Weight: 100 g
Base Diameter 22 millimetres
Colour: white
Shape :Spiral
Voltage: 240 volts
Cap Type: Bayonet Cap BC
EU Energy Efficiency: Label A
Luminous Flux: 650 lumen
Wattage: 11 watts
Incandescent Equivalent: 55 watts
Colour Temperature: 6600 Kelvin
Average Life: 10000 hours
Decibels: Silent


* Cannot be used with dimmer switches


TCP is a well-known, worldwide manufacturer of energy efficient bulbs and this full-spectrum bulb is excellent for bedrooms, living and other spaces where a softer glow is preferable. It is still bright and white, don’t expect it to simulate candle light, but it is noticeably less bright than standard bulbs with a white, yet softer glow.

Highly recommended.

The review is based on the Bright Full Spectrum Energy Saver Natural Cool Daylight Bulb. Click to read more about our eco icons and access icons used in this review. This article was first published on 6 May 2016.