Bamboo socks sell themselves. Fabric made from bamboo is soft, feels cool in the summer and warm in the winter, have excellent moisture wicking properties and it is a natural, breathable fabric. Perfect for socks then.

Braintree [official site], a sustainable and ethical clothing provider from Australia and now based in London, make their socks from 75% bamboo, 17% organic cotton and 8% spandex.

All bamboo socks are a blend of fibres and the most common blend I have seen is 1-3% elastane/spandex with roughly 20% polyester or synthetic polyamide. Braintree uses organic cotton instead of polyester and a slightly higher percentage of elastane.

Their socks are soft, durable, ethical, eco and stylish.

The extra advantages is related to the 92% bamboo/cotton, which are both natural, breathable fabrics and in socks, keep feet dry and airy. A great choice for anyone with feet issues, feet odour issues and sensitive skin.

The socks are machine washable at 30 degrees and the 8% elastane makes them stretchy and easy to put on with a dressing aid or for someone with dexterity issues.

The women’s gift box and men’s gift box make lovely gifts with 4 pairs of socks boxed in a beautiful book-shape package. For stocking fillers, a large range of individual pairs are available, as well as recycled polyester fluffy socks and knee-high socks.