The Ergohacks Verdict

I don’t love shoes. I don’t own a wardrobe of shoes and I hate shopping for shoes. I have a small number of durable pairs carefully selected because I think of shoes as an often neglected vital aspect of life. Take care of your feet and they will take you many places. Neglect them and all good things end in the pain and misery of sore feet.

Bogs make beautiful waterproof footwear that achieve the four things that matter the most when it comes to shoes: dry feet, warm toes, comfort and traction. We’ve worn them on muddy, wet winter walks jumping into many puddles, on more than one icy winter morning walk to school, for a day out on the paved hills and slopes bridges of Bristol, whilst cycling and to the pool. We’ve worn them camping in muddy fields and even during the wet summer months, they’ve taken us through woodland and on beaches, over hills and next to rivers and lakes.

They get bonus points for being ridiculously easy to put on and take off, hassle free to clean and for being superbly stylish, but it’s their comfort and durability that make them one of our favourite footwear choices.

Few things are as valuable as a well-worn pair of comfortable shoes for inclement weather. I used to keep my Wellingtons in the car boot to change over only when I absolutely require them, but my Bogs boots wait by the door. The side-handles make them easy to quickly slip on and go. I appreciate all the little things that make them a good pair of waterproof boots, but most of all, as silly as it may sound, they pass my trustworthy test.

These aren’t boots I am going to slip and fall in, I won’t be getting any chilblains or blue oxygen starved feet after a winter’s morning walk and they’ve given me more freedom to choose to go wherever I please. Muddy riverside path? No problem. Icy pavements? Easy peasy. The best part? When I take them off on getting home, my feet feel fine. Not sore, cold or wet, just comfortable.

I always feel as if I am writing marketing copy when we love something so much that I can’t think of detractors, but these boots are so ridiculously comfortable, stylish and versatile that I don’t have a list of improvements.

Cass gave them 4 ½ stars (they lost a half point for lack of sturdy ankle support). I concur. Highly recommended.


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*Bogs Footwear are sold by Amazon, is available from a number of UK wide outdoor clothing outlets, like Mole Country Stores and can also be purchased directly from the Bogs Footwear Website.
Price: ± £35 – £90

About Bogs Footwear

Bogs was founded in Oregon in 2002 and specialised in insulated rubber boots designed for the ranch in the local adverse weather conditions. They soon discovered the demand for their design style was much bigger than they expected and expanded in to kids boots and later into multiple other areas including leather boots, sandals and baby shoes. They were acquired in 2011 by the Weyco Group that also owns Brass Boot, Umi and Rafters but Bogs is still based in Oregon and now employs around 100 people.


Bogs do not just make shoes, they design them. There is a long list of technologies on their website that illustrate how much goes into making each pair. It’s certainly an impressive list, but for me the two deciding factors are how shoes feel when I put them on and how my feet feel at the end of a long, active day.

I have circulatory problems as well as joint instability that lead to small dislocations in the bones of my feet and ankles. Our six-year old, Cass, has similar foot problems as well as Type 1 Diabetes and we pick her shoes very carefully. We have both been wearing Bogs boots for the last few weeks and love them. We’ve worn them everywhere from muddy countryside paths to marble city steps, uphill and downhill. We’ve worn them to museums and adventure parks, on slippery pavements and polished floors. Neither of us are natural Wellie wearers, sticking to our walking boots, but she has picked her pair of Bogs for every occasion, including cycling and going to the pool.

I have found them exceptionally suitable for most occasions and in a pinch – having forgotten my going-to-a-nice-place-shoes, wore them underneath trousers and they went subtly unnoticed. They do not provide ankle support, unlike walking boots and although they performed excellently on casual walks, I would swap out when taking on uneven terrain for longer distances.


  • 100% Waterproof with 3mm Neo-Tech waterproof insulation
  • Lined with DuraFresh, a “natural, organic bio-technology that activates to fight odors”
  • Bogs Max-Wick moves sweat away from your foot to keep you dry
  • BioGrip slip-resistant outsole
  • Rebound cushioning makes walking comfortable – they feel more like trainers than Wellington boots


Product dimensions: Variable
Men: Available in sizes 6-13 UK (40 – 47 EU)
Women: Available in sizes 4 – 10 UK (37 – 43 EU)
Children: 6 – 13 Infant and 1 – 4 Jnr,  (23 – 39 EU)
Colour: A large choice of colour and designs
Temperature rating: 3 ratings: up to -1°C, up to -18°C), up to -29°C
Made in China
Materials: Natural, high quality vulcanized rubber

Special considerations

  • PVC free, but some are made with latex.
  • Most Bogs boots are Vegan, although some contain leather (these are clearly labelled).
  • Anti-slip makes them ideal for anyone with mild – moderate mobility challenges.
  • Easy on-off with handles makes them ideal for anyone with mild – moderate dexterity challenges.

ecologicalergonomicethicallymadeinclusivedesignBuild quality


We based our Ergohacks Verdict on 6 months of walking, wading and wearing the Women’s Crandall Tall Insulated Boots and Kids’ North Hampton Pompons Insulated Rain Boots kindly provided by Bogs Footwear. This article was first published on 4 February 2017.