Type 1 Diabetes in Summer

Heatwaves are becoming more common in the summer months and with Type 1 Diabetes, handling hot weather takes a bit more effort. Glucose levels can trend low when body temperature increases or level can trend high when dehydration occurs. Insulin and test strips denature in hot weather or when directly exposed to sunlight for a

Ulla: Drink more water

I didn’t like the idea of Ulla to start with. I’m easily distracted and in a world filled with distractions, reminders, beeping and buzzing, adding another distractor to my life didn’t feel like it would be something helpful.Surely, I’d just turn it off and ignore it like I do with most reminders. I know I

Hardy’s Cottage

Thomas Hardy’s legacy still lives on today. He was a Victorian realist and as an English student, I’ve always been curious about Dorset and the rural environment where he grew up and lived that runs so clearly through his work. Cass, who hasn’t read Tess of the d’Urbervilles, Far for the Madding Crowd or The

World of Goo

I sat down with my 6-year old daughter recently to play World of Goo. I first played it long before she was born and it was just as fabulous to play now as it was then. Great games age like a fine wine. In the sea of cheap table wine games, it’s a pleasure to

Kobuk Valley 4 Plus camping tent

I’ll hold my hands up. I’m not the best camper in the world. I tend to get cranky if I’m away from my home comforts for too long and I like things as simple as possible. So when Coleman asked if we wanted to get a look at their new Kobuk Valley tent it seemed

The North Face Mens’ Borealis Backpack

I’ve spent the last week wandering around London. Cass is old enough to be wanting a bit of variety in her holidays and this translated to a day spent at The New Forest Wildlife Park followed by five days exploring London over half-term. We went on buses, trains, the tube and on foot visiting the

Everybody has an interest in Education

Cass and I sat around the dining room table yesterday counting money. A statutory requirement for KS1 Year 1 is to “recognise and know the value of different denominations of coins and notes”. As we counted, we talked about monetary value. The intent of the conversation for me was to assess whether she knew the


Monitors get bigger, and the last three or four years has seen bigger and bigger ultra-wide and more and more curved monitors. The AOC AG352UCG is the largest I’ve yet gotten on my desk and brings in a new element – G-Sync for higher refresh rates gaming. Appearances count and the AG352 makes a decent first

Parkdean’s Warmwell Holiday Park

Lodges, lakes, trees… and skis! is printed boldly on Warmwell Holiday Park’s Homepage. We love woodland lodges, walks around lakes and Chris’, having fond memories of ski holidays growing up, hoped this would be a good place to test the waters and see if Cass might enjoy it. We drove down to Dorset for a

Apple WWDC – new software, iPad Pro and Augmented Reality

The last couple of months has seen Google’s I/O and Microsoft’s Build Developer events and today Apple gets their chance. WWDC is Apple’s developer conference and usually shows off a new version of iOS and numerous software updates. This year is a little different as there have been persistent rumors of a hardware release. These