Earth Rated Biodegradable Unscented Dog Waste Bags

Anyone who has dogs or indoor cats knows that there is one unfortunate but inevitable result of the food and treats they eat – waste. Once upon a time it was acceptable to leave this wherever it was deposited, but times have changed and it’s normal to see dog walkers following after their pets with

Diabete-Ezy insulin pump belt

Cass, our six-year-old with Type 1 Diabetes, lives in leggings, sports gear and pyjama bottoms and prefers keeping her pump in a belt around her waist. The Diabete-Ezy belt is her current personal favourite and she wears one 24-hours a day. It is a step-into Lycra/Nylon belt with no clips, zipes or velcro, which makes

Plex Cloud Beta Review

We don’t usually review products that aren’t available to the general public and it’s even rarer that we choose to look at individual features of a service. Today we’re doing both of those. Plex Cloud is a single feature that’s currently only available to a small invite only list of paying customers. It is however

Nintendo – Resurgent or has been?

If you grew up in the 90’s you remember two types of gaming console – Nintendo and Sega. Look around now and the market is dominated by Microsoft and Sony and Nintendo is trailing with Sega almost nowhere to be seen. Market trends changed and Sega didn’t keep up. Nintendo had a huge success among

I can vs Why bother: Use the habit loop

It begins with the little things. Failing one small goal. Failing another. Trying again and failing again. We start to think that life isn’t made up of a series of successes, but a series of failures interspersed with the occasional success. We fail before we learn. We fail many times before we succeed at the

CES 2017 Recapped Alexa and Form-factors

For the last few years the first work  week in January has had a theme – CES. The annual trade shop dominates the small electronic business and despite an annoyingly high proportion of the products being shown turning out to be vaporware it’s a great way to follow the trends of the hardware tech industry

AOC Agon AG271QG Monitor Review

Last month I reviewed the AOC AG241QX. The very short version is that I was impressed by both it’s panel and it’s design and looks but found it a bit smaller than I’d prefer. I wondered out loud in my verdict if its bigger brother – the AG271QG would be my ideal fit and over

Security Now Podcast Review

Five minutes browsing Ergohacks will probably tell you a couple of things about my personality and likes – I like tech, I like podcasts and I like playing with and trying to find the holes in things. Put those things together and you get the weekly podcast Security Now. The show started in 2005 as the

Steam Link Review

Consoles have always had two advantages over PC gaming – a bigger screen and AC relaxing lean back position. Valve tries to solve these problems first with its Big Picture Mode and now with Steam Link. The link box is an extender for your PC. Plug it into your TV and your home network and it’s

FreeStyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitor

One afternoon a few weeks ago I received an email from my daughter’s diabetic nurse – medical company Abbot was doing a demonstration of their flash glucose monitor next week and giving out readers to attendees. Were we interested? Yes. Yes we were. With a diabetic in the family we soon discovered that a great many