Yumbox Classic Bento Lunchbox Review

Bento lunches originate from Japan and it’s a way of preparing and showing off food that wins out over packed sandwiches every time. It’s all about packing a larger variety of foods in smaller portions. The Yumbox Classic Bento Lunchbox is a 5-compartment + dip pocket container that seals with a single, leak proof lid. It

Amazon Echo – UK Version – Review

Read the tech news and the chances are that in the last year and two of the big theme’s you’ll have picked up are AI  and the Internet of Things.  This seems to be manifesting in chat-bots and in connected lighbulbs but Amazon stole the march a couple of years ago and released the Amazon

The Google Announcement and an AI future?

Google is a company that’s reinvented itself many times over the years. Google is about search. Google is about local. Google is about mobile. Google is about the cloud. Google is about social – well maybe not that one. On Tuesday last week we got a couple of hours insight into what Google plans to

Google Announcement – Smart phones, houses and TV’s

For the last number of years Google has been making careful inroads into the hardware market, first working with other companies with their Nexus phones and more recently with Pixel laptops, tablets and the hugely successful Chromecast streaming sticks. At their I/O conference they announced a whole range of hardware including a VR headset and

Who needs sleep?

I get exasperated by insomniacs. Go to bed, don’t look at bright screens all evening, lie still, stop talking, relax and you will fall asleep. I should probably mention that I am an intermittent insomniac. I am fanatical about my sleep space. It has to be dead quiet. It has to be pitch black dark.

Acorns Guest House Bristol Airport

Acorns Guest House is an attractive airport hotel excellently situated one minute away from Bristol Airport. We had an early flight out and arrived around 5 p.m. where we were checked-in, our car parking arranged and our airport transfer booked for 4 a.m. All rooms are en-suite. Some are situated within the main house whilst

Everspace Early Access First Look

I don’t often back projects on Kickstarter. I find that it just takes to long to go from the polished video to an actual product and what you actually get is often not what was promised. When I came across Everspace last August I made an exception and I’m very glad I did. Rockfish Games

My 24 Hours with Alexa

Less than 24 hours ago I became part of a small but rapidly growing set of enthusiasts. Until yesterday the community was almost exclusively in the US but yesterday Amazon released the Amazon Echo to the UK. Take a Pringles can. Paint in black and plug it into the wall with a speaker, little computer and

Prepare well for flu season

It’s that time of the year where every doctor surgery has a poster on the wall about flu jabs. For most people, getting the flu means feeling miserable for a week or so combined with the hassle of taking a few sick days. For others, the risk of serious complications are high and it can

Hotter Everdon Sandals Review

I’ve reviewed a number of products over the years but I’d never have expected that I’d review a pair of sandals. I received the Hotter Everdon’s as a present at the beginning of the summer and a family holiday was the perfect time to start wearing them. It’s now a couple of months later and