The Blink(1) Mk2 is as you would expect an update of the Blink(1) – but what is it?  It is a USB dongle with a notification light for your PC or Mac.  Most Android phones these days have a notification light and some people swear by them.  The Blink(1) Mk2 lets you add this to your desktop experience.

The unit looks like a fat curvy flash drive and can connect directly to a free port on your PC or via an included cable.  It can change color, brightness and flash in predefined pattern.  The real use of this only starts to become clear when you look at its software – it works with IFTT.  This means there are a vast range of ways to trigger it.  Blink on a new email with a specific subject or from a specific sender.  Blink on a Twitter DM.  Blink if there is a change in status on a parcel delivery.  Blink if someone rings the doorbell.  Blink if the CDC reports a Zombie outbreak. Really.

The Blink(1) Mk2 differs from the original version in that it is compatible with far more USB systems including USB 3.0, a second LED has been added to the other side of the dongle making more intricate flash patterns are possible. The included driver software has been rewritten to be more responsive and to work better with IFTT.

At the time of writing the Kickstarter had over doubled its original $28000 goal and there are still 20 days to go.  The cheapest tier left to get a Blink(1) is $25 with an unfortunately high $15 to ship outside the US.

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