Fitness trackers and smart watches are by this point nothing new or worth reporting on in their own right, but having both together in one package is still more unusual. The Basis Peak is designed to “Give you a deep insight into your body’s performance”.

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It is marketed as the ultimate fitness and sleep tracker with a system called BodyIQ which automatically detects your activity.  This includes standard things like walking and running but also more difficult to detect things like cycling.  Once it has this information it analyzes it and tries to persuade the user to develop better habits.  These could be anything from drinking more water to waking up earlier or using more calories.  These habits are gamified with points, badges and a ranking system.

The sleep side of the Basis peak looks at what types of sleep you have and ranks them as  deep, light and interrupted. From a sensor perspective the Peak measures your heartbeat via a light sensor, motion, skin moisture and skin temperature.  The device is waterproof to 5 metres and has a ‘up to’ four day battery life.  Finally it passes on notifications from your smartwatch, Android an iOS although Basis isn’t specific about exactly what can be passed on.

The Basis Peak is available on Amazon for £169.

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