Bean bags are ridiculously comfortable and provide excellent mouldable support. The Bambeano Baby Bean Bag is especially made for babies with a removable, washable 100% cotton cover, a fire retardant inner cover filled with polystyrene beans. It is a supportive seat for babies 0 – 6 months that keeps them in a semi-upright position. 

bambeano feature

Infant Acid-Reflux is very common in babies and one of the best ways to improve symptoms is to keep your baby in a slightly elevated position, particularly when sleeping and napping. The Bambeano baby bean bag does this naturally, but it isn’t just the elevation that made me wish I had one, it is the comfort and support that bean bags offer that very much appeal to me. I think the Bambeano could particularly be very useful to support joint instability.

If the £45-50 price tag seems a big hefty, an outdoor toddler bean bag cover is now also included, extending the life from 6 months to 5 years when you transfer the beans from one bag to another. It is an excellent idea and even if the baby bean bag is not used regularly, toddler bean bags are incredibly useful and cool. It is available in 3 polka dot designs: natural, pink and blue.

The biggest complaint in consumer reviews seems to be that the bean bag is quite hard and not comfortable. The beans are zipped in and I have removed beans from overly full beanbags in the past without any issues (open zip, scoop out beans, close zip) and would imagine doing the same to adjust the firmness individually would solve this problem.

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