BAFTA is a name that most in the UK and worldwide will recognise – even if only as the British version of the Oscars.  Unlike the Oscars it does not focus on the movie industry alone and has links to the gaming industry.  They run an annual competition called the Young Game Designers aimed at 10-18 year olds designed to teach and bring new talent into the industry.  The competition has been running for several years but they have just relaunched with a wider variety of categories and age ranges and a new website.

Throughout the year BAFTA partner with schools providing workshops and information to pupils and teachers about gaming and programming.  Online they are producing a video series with Kim from Yogscast going into UK gaming companies to see how they make gamers.

The competition itself is split into two parts – the game making and the game concept awards.  If you are able to code the game yourself the Game Making track is for you.  If however you only have an idea you can enter the Game Concept track and if you are successful you can have your game built.

If you are in the right age range or work with those who are BAFTA YDG should be on your radar and you should see what they can do for you.


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