If you enjoy reading sci-fi you have probably come across US publishers Baen.  It is a specifically sci-fi and fantasy publishing house focusing on space opera, hard, military sci-fi and fantasy.  They were one of the first to to push towards online and ebooks starting with a BBS in the late 90s and have a huge catalogue of DRM-free books available through their website.


So far this is interesting but not attention grabbing.  There are however two things which stand out.  Firstly Baen offers a number of titles for free for download from their website and allow a third party to host a number of other books also for free download.  In total this adds up to around 60 books on the Baen Free library and several hundred at the Fifth Imperium.  These are offered in numerous formats including epub and mobi’s so will work on almost any e-reader, tablet or phone.  The logic is that if they get you reading their older books then you are likely to read their newer books.

Finally if you have some disabilities Baen offer their entire library new and old for free.  To quote them:

Baen Books (www.baen.com), a publisher of science fiction, will provide its books to fans who are blind, paralysed, or dyslexic, or are amputees, in electronic form free of charge, effective immediately.

Baen Books is making this offer in recognition of Veterans Day, and all our disabled military veterans. Many Baen authors are veterans themselves, using a military setting as the setting of their tales. Right now convalescing vets might welcome an exciting, fast-action tale to pass the time.

Jim Baen, founder of Baen Books, who passed on June 28, 2006, decided to “provide each challenged reader with a permanent pass” to the regular e-publication of Baen’s new books. His successor, publisher Toni Weisskopf, is implementing his idea with this program.

In short apply through the charity readassist and get access to all of their books.  The application is rather US biased but it is possible to apply from the UK it is just not setup for it.

If you are a sci-fi fan you should be looking at the Free Library and the Fifth Imperium and if you are a sci-fi fan with a disability you should consider applying for the program.

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