There are a few crucial requirements for a decent high chair. Safety was my top priority. Comfort. Being easy to use. Easy to clean. Easy to store. Adjustable. Can be used at a table but also away from the table. Complements the dining room decor. The BABYBJÖRN High Chair checks most of my boxes. It is stylish, ergonomic, comfortable and easy to clean. There are no straps to fidget with and I was confident with its safety. Once secured in the seat with the tray in position, my 11-month old nephew could wriggle, wiggle, bounce and move without a worry. The high chair was stable and there was no chance of it tipping over or him sliding out.

BabyBjorn High Chair


I only had one persistent issue and that was the button challenge. There are five buttons on the chair that twist, slide and depress, which doesn’t sound like much, but I struggled to use them due to the usual conundrum with baby safe products – they are also adult proof if dexterity is a challenge. I did not find them intuitive to use either and had to refer to the instructions, printed on the bottom of the tray, frequently.


Adjustable, detachable tray

The tray is one of the big selling points of the BABYBJÖRN High Chair. It has a detachable section on the top that makes cleaning easier and allows parents to place food on the tray and then walk over the tray and easily attach it to the table. It is a compact tray with not a lot of space to spread out, but there is adequate space for a toddler size plate, bowl, cutlery and a cup. The tray can be washed by hand or placed in a dishwasher.

The kidney shape design of the tray also means there is no gap for lots of food to fall into and because of its shape and size, items anywhere on the tray is always within easy reach.

Comfortable seat with back support

It is the first time I have seen lumbar support in a high chair. The curved backrest is gentle and encourages toddlers into an upright position. It is not suitable for under three’s who are unable to sit upright independently, but for those who can it provides a comfortable and safe seat. The seat and footrest are integrated and fixed, made out of a durable plastic that looks stylish.

Lightweight and foldable

The high chair can be folded down for travelling and storage. The legs collapse with a push and button press whilst the tray collapses down and locks into place. I did find that in the folded position it falls over when leant against the wall, it has to be stored between two fixed support or the legs left in the extended position. It isn’t a big problem as it is such a beautiful high chair that can be used at a table and fits in with the decor that there is little reason to store it away on a daily basis. It is easy to travel with and we transported it without any difficulty on a short break and had it in a functional position within a few minutes.

Environment and safety

The BABYBJÖRN is made from plastic and coated steel. It is PVC-free and contains no bisphenol A (BPA), phthalates, cadmium, lead, or bromine. The plastic can also be recycled. It is obviously a well-designed and durable product that should not only last for 2.5 years of use of one child, but probably still be in a good condition other siblings who follow.

BabyBjorn Highchair tray


Age: The High Chair is recommended for children who can sit up on their own, aged from six months to approximately three years. Maximum height: 95 cm
Weight: 5 kg
Height when assembled: 83 cm
Dimensions in transport mode: 50 x 44 x 25 cm
Safety: Complies with the EN14988:2006 safety standards.
Colour: Black and white
Material: plastic and painted steel
Optimised for both right handed or left handed use, but both hands essential, not suitable for one handed use.



It is accessible for anyone with a visual impairment, including blind users. The high contrast colours makes it easy to distinguish the seat from the tray when putting a toddler into the chair (the tray without the clip on surface is black and the seat white). The buttons are distinctive and easy to recognise through touch. There are no lights, flash or flicker which is ideal for anyone with photophobia (light sensitivity) and colour alone is not used as an indicator.


It is highly accessible for anyone with a hearing impairment, including deaf users. The chair is quiet when in use and the buttons make low audible clicks when locking in place, which should not be problematic for anyone with hyperacusis (sound sensitivity). The sound is not an indicator either.

Touch and movement

The collapsible tray makes it a good choice for parents who use a wheelchair as it is easy to lift a baby or toddler in and out of the chair from a lower height. Some precision as well as normal grip and hand strength is essential for safe use of the high chair. I really struggled with the main control button as it required holding one button whilst twisting whilst at the same time keeping a baby or toddler safe in the chair with my other arm. I would not recommend it to any parent or care giver who has arthritis, joint hypermobility or any other condition that affects their arms and hands.

Controls: 4 Button System

Leg lock button: The legs extend from folded with a pull, but to collapse the legs the leg lock button has to be pressed. It is situated on the base of the chair, but does require normal hand strength to press. It is a good safety feature, there is little chance of accidental presses that could collapse the chair with baby or toddler in it, but it does mean someone with hand issues will need help to collapse it. The chair is only collapsed for traveling, it doesn’t store well if the legs are collapsed, it falls over, so it is not a high use button.

Fold lock button: Use for collapsing the tray into a travel or storage position. To fold away the tray, push in the adjuster button (red button), pull the fold lock tab outwards. Fold up the table as far as it will go. It is not necessary to keep holding either button whilst folding the tray, which makes it easier. But two hands are definitely required to collapse the tray. It is not necessary to collapse the tray in normal usage.

Adjuster button: The adjuster button slides the tray forwards and backwards and is used on first set-up after getting the high chair out of storage. It is also used in conjunction with the fold lock button to collapse the chair for traveling. Hold down the button to unlock the tray into a free slide mode and adjust it to the size of the child.

Knob and safety: The last control is a two button mechanism that is the most important button of all. It is this button that is used each time to secure a baby or toddler in the chair and again to get them out of the chair. It is also the most difficult to use. A parent has to place the child in the chair, hold them there securely, move the tray up and then press and twist at the same time to lock in the tray. It would make a lot more sense if locking was automatic and unlocking had the additional safety feature, but adding this much safety on also makes it a lot harder to use. There is no chance a one-handed user could secure a child safely and it requires a significant amount of force combined with a twisting motion against some resistance before a baby is safe and secured.

BabyBjorn Highchair buttons

Motion sickness and balance disorders

No triggers or movement that could present any issues for either baby or adult care taker.

Ease of Use

The high chair is easy to unbox and assemble, we had the job done in under two minutes. It is not particularly complicated to use, but because of the different buttons and different actions – some pull, some press, some twist, it can be confusing. There are instructions on a leaflet, on-line and on the base of the tray with both text and diagrams that do help. No reading or math skills are required.


The surface area children and parents come in regular contact with is made out of BPA-free plastic. The metal components is coated steel, which is the frame and legs. It is appropriate to use  for anyone with a nickel, mercury or other metal skin allergy.

It is also a great product for anyone with asthma and dust mite allergies as no fabric is used in the design.

Product Information


BABYBJÖRN is a highly reputable Swedish family-owned business. Safety, quality and design are their core principles and they specialise in creating a number of products for under three’s, including baby carriers, bouncers, travel cots, potty chairs and high chairs. Their products are available in over 50 countries worldwide.


£149.99 – £179.99

Included In The Box

  • BABYBJÖRN high chair components, assembly required, but no tools required, the product clicks together in under 5 minutes

Baby Stitch being put in a BabyBjorn High Chair from behind and the seated side


The BABYBJÖRN High Chair is stylish, ergonomic and a welcome addition to the dining room. Unfortunately, the two-step lock is a significant obstacle for any parent, grandparent or care giver who does not have good upper body strength and control and the different buttons with varying mechanisms can be confusing at first. If I could change it so that the tray auto-locks into place and unlocks a little easier for those of us who struggle to press, move and twist knobs with added resistance, it would be a highly accessible product.

It is lightweight and very easy to clean, the tray is even dishwasher safe and as there are no straps and the tray is hinged, it is a great for those of us who have to sit down to get baby in and out, either in a wheelchair or just a normal seat. The footrest also means that slightly older children can assist with this process, allowing parents with a disability an even greater chance for independence without compromising safety.

I love BABYBJÖRN’s minimalist design principles, their products are safe, reliable and durable and this high chair has all these hallmark features. It’s just that the two-step lock reminds of safety caps on bottles. I would advise caution around the locking mechanism for anyone with hand strength, grip or restricted upper body movement, otherwise highly recommended to parents and caregivers looking for a contemporary design, a product that will last and a super easy to clean high chair.

This review is based on a high chair kindly provided by BABYBJÖRN.