AutoHotKey has been featured on the site before and once its installed you need scripts to run it.  You can spend the time and write your own customized scripts or you can use scripts other experienced users have already written. Featured here are three of the very many useful scripts to start you off.

To run them on your own system either put the scripts in a .ahk file on your computer and run it manually or add it to your main .ahk file.  By default this is called AutoHotKey.ahk and is in the My Documents folder.  If you add them to your main file they all run together but it is highly recommended that you try them as separate files initially and when you are happy with them move them into your main file.

BMI Calculator

BMI or Body Mass Index is a way of working out if a person is the correct weight for their height,  Its a fairly simple calculation but this script makes it even easier by accounting for different units and automating the process.  The script is a little long so here’s the link. When you have the script running open a text document and enter:

 189lb (and hit space) 5’8″ (and hit space) BMI (and hit space)

And this will produce

189 lbs = 85.7 kg 5 feet 8 inches = 173 cm body mass index (BMI) = 28.7 kg/m2

It handles inputs in pounds or kilograms, feet, inches, metres or cm. Link to original post.


This script allows you to use a conventional joystick as a mouse. It has acceleration built in, so the further you move the joystick from centre the faster the cursor moves. The script is well annotated and also allows:

  • Changing the base speed of the mouse cursor.
  • Increasing the required displacement from centre before the cursor starts moving. This means if your joystick is not perfectly calibrated that you can avoid cursor drift and that if the users hands tremble a certain amount of movement can be ignored.
  • Flipping of the Y-axis.  Some systems (such as OSX and aircraft simulators) use a reversed up and down system and the script lets you set what you are comfortable with.
  • If your joystick has a POV the scripts lets you use that as a scroll wheel and can change the speed it scrolls at.

The script can be found here.

Volume Keys

This script allows you to set hot keys to volume up and down.  This is useful for those who do not have dedicated keys on their system and could be remapped easily to the mouse or to an Xbox controller.  On change of volume a small pop up appears showing whether the change was up or down and how much it was. The pop up’s size position and color can be changed.

The script can be found here.