Spend any time getting lost in Youtube and the chances are that you’ve come across footage of people doing weird things or seeing weird things being done on the road. These aren’t often captured on phones but on dedicated cameras that record whenever you’re driving. Aside from getting YouTube clips there’s a good reason to get one – if you’re in an accident getting video footage of what happened could be very helpful. Insurance companies think so as well and several offer discounts from 7 to 15%.

The Aukey Dash Cam Full HD 1080p aims to fill this market. You put a microSD card into the camera and use a sucker or sticker to attach the camera to your windscreen. Run a cable to your 12V charger and with a little fiddling with the settings and everywhere you drive and everything you see gets recorded in 10-minute chunks.

The camera is a a Sony Exmor IMX323 with a fish eye lens. In practice, the pictures it produces are not distorted but it gives a 170 field of view. It doesn’t quite match up to the latest smartphone or DSLR lenses but it’s decent and more than good enough to get good images of faces and license plates.

The Ergohacks Verdict

If you are looking for a way to reduce your car insurance there are a number of tricks that can work but getting a dash cam is one that’s smart and can pay for itself relatively quickly.

Once you’ve got it setup the ideal Dash Camera is unintrusive and until you need it doesn’t interfere with you at all. When you do need it you want quality pictures. The Aukey Dash Cam HD delivers. After a one-time setup, it didn’t need any interference from me and produces high-quality video. I’ve not tested in an accident but when and if that day ever comes I’m confident in the quality of the pictures I’ll get. Recommended.

Ergohacks Essential

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Price: ±  £ 73
Paid extras: A microSD card of at least Class 10 is required to record. This SanDisk 32GB version at £12 would be perfect.
Included in the box:  AUKEY DR-01 Dash Camera, USB Car Charger, Suction Mount, Sticker Mount, Two Stickers, Three Cable Clips.

About Aukey

Aukey is a Chinese manufacturer based in Schengen that produces a range of products. They’re best known for their batteries and charging solutions but also make speakers, some car products, cables and a few other more odd products such as a mini-drone and Android-based projector.


The Dash Cam is a small square black cube. I’d been concerned that it would obstruct my vision but it was small enough not to be a concern and it’s mount was both easy to adjust to the right angle and stayed where it was put. Running the cable to the car charger was simple and the cable was of decent length but I’d have preferred more than three cable clips and ended up using a couple of sections of velcro to attach the cable properly.

The menu system isn’t going to win any design awards but it came in English and was simple enough to setup and get running.


  • Night vision mode that uses significantly higher aperture. This isn’t perfect but I found that the level of quality was comparable with what I’d see with the naked eye.
  • Emergency recording mode. This kicks in whenever there are sharp turns or impacts and records only at that point
  • Looping mode. This records whenever you’re driving and saves 10-minute chunks of videos. Press on the power button and it will prevent the currently recording video from being overwritten when space is needed.
  • Audio can be switched on or off – after verifying it worked I preferred having it off.


Product dimensions: 5.8 x 5.8 x 3.2 cm
Image Sensor: Sony Exmor IMX323
LCD Screen: 2.0″
Wide-Angle Lens: 170°
Material: PC + ABS, 6-Layer Glass
Recording Resolution: 1080p (30fps), 720p (60fps), 720p (30fps), WVGA, VGA
Gravity Sensor Sensitivity: Low / Medium / High
Recording Modes: Continuous, Motion Detection, Time-Lapse, and Emergency Recording
MicroSD Card: 128GB support (Max), Class 10+ required (not included)
Input: DC 5V/1A-2A via Mini USB

Warranty: 24 month free from manufacturer defects.


The Dash Cam needs a Class 10 microSD card and access to a USB port to get power. Aukey includes a double-headed 12V USB converter that works well but the Cam does not have any batteries in itself and hence only works when your car key is turned. If your car is off and keys removed it will not record.

Build quality

 We based our Ergohacks Verdict on the AUKEY Dash Cam Full HD 1080P DVR Camera Dashboard on 4 weeks of tinkering, testing and using the camera provided by Aukey during April 2017.  This article was first published on 3 May 2017 and last updated on 15 May 2017.