Asthma inhalers have changed little in the last 50 years.  A simple plastic tube and valve which a small pressurised container of medication fits into.  Push to get a dose.  The colour of the plastic shows what sort of medication is contained within.  As with most things there have been several attempts to redesign it over the years but none have really stuck.


The Twist+ by Diana Dumitrescu takes the inhaler and makes it high tech.  In its normal state the Twist+ looks like a small metallic cylinder.  Twist the base and it sticks out at 90 degrees and looks somewhat like a conventional inhaler, even down to a push button activation.  What it adds to this apart from style is sensors and connectivity.  The Twist+ can monitor local air conditions and warn you either audibly or via your smartphone if they fall outside set parameters.  It can record your medication usage and it can remind you if you have left it at home.

At the moment its not clear if this product will ever be more than an interesting design but if it does become commercially available there is probably a place for it at the top end of the market, most particularly for those who need monitoring or are very forgetful.  Its probable cost and the need to keep it charged will probably never let it be a mass market item but it is an interesting gadget.


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