Last month Apple launched their newest iPhone to a mixed response but record sales.  This month they are announcing more things, including an updated iPad, Macs and several software updates. The event went as smoothly as such a big live streamed event can.  After the normal “Hoorah!” over the iPhone they moved onto ApplePay – the new payment system launching in the US.  They let us know that it will start rolling out properly on Monday.


We got an update on the Apple Watch.  It is still rolling out next year but a development environment  called WatchKit will be available next month so programmers can start writing apps and working for it.

A new version of iOS – 8.1 – will come out on Monday.  As well as bug fixes it will also bring back camera roll which will allow autoupload of photos.  They will also have a new cheaper storage plan of up to 200gb so you can store more photos.

The new version of OSX – Yosemite – was given a little time and a few more details were released.  They made a lot about the increased integration between it and iOS demonstrating phonecalls from the Mac and editing from one system to another.  The new Yosemite will come out on Monday.

A new iPad was launched – the iPad Air 2.  It is thinner than the 1 and is now 6.1mm thick which is 18% less than the Air and less than half the thickness of the original iPad.  It has a less reflective screen with far better viewing angles and handles reflections much better.  The CPU and camera have both been massively improved – the camera new camera is now almost on a par with the iPhone.  The LTE version has had additional bands and speed increases added and the wifi has been tweaked.  TouchID – Apple’s fingerprint reading system – has also been added.


The new iPad Air 2 will cost the normal $499 for the 16gb, $599 for 64gb and $699 for the $128.  The LTE version will be around $130 more for each storage size.

The iPad Mini also gets a refresh with a better screen, CPU and camera.  The older versions will be sticking around at decreased prices.  The cheapest will be the iPad Mini 16GB which will cost from $249.

Pre-orders will start tomorrow and they will ship the next week in the US and presumably soon in the UK.

Macs are also being refreshed – the iMac screen has had its resolution increased to be what Apple claims is the highest resolution desktop screen in the work – at approximately 5k it might well be so.   The other internals have also been built on but the other changes are all relatively minor.  The new system will cost around $2499 and will start shipping today.

The Mac Mini is also getting a long overdue refresh.  Faster wifi, more storage, more ports, better processor and a more energy-efficient setup.  It is also being decreased in price to $499.



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